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My name is Reema Verma, I am from Rajasthan state of India. I have been teaching students appearing for RSCIT exam since last 10 years. Through this website you will get the guide related to RSCIT course given by me. I hope I can help you well.

On this website (RSCITcourse.com), you will be provided with every single information related to RSCIT exam like when RSCIT Admit Card will be issued?, when will result come and how to prepare online for RCIT sitting at home. Along with this, we will also provide you with RSCIT old papers and important questions as well as online tests of RCIT, so that your RKCL RSCIT exam preparation can be done in a very good way.

If you have any problem related to RSCIT exam which is not resolved then you can contact us.

Email- [email protected]

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